I really need to stop doing that.

I have three or more assignments due by midnight/tomorrow and I have yet to finish any of them. Have I had ample time to finish them? Of course I have. I just have put my time to better use by looking up dumb cat photos and Katy Perry YouTube videos. I have some fascination with Katy Perry. Don’t judge me. She’s highly charismatic and hilarious. And she’s honest and talented. I admire that :D Plus, she’s gorgeous. Just saying.

ANYWAY, my point has been proven that I procrastinate way too much.

I also need to stop complaining out the wazoo. I’m even annoying myself. That’s sad.

More songwriting will probably take place soon. I’m excited and nervous. Oh what a sensation!

Also, I’m getting a Fish Eye Lens. Soon. But I cannot wait to obtain it to take more pictures!!!


Finished a new song today. I’m actually proud of it, and that’s saying something. Normally, I don’t like my songs, but I really like this one. It’s very honest and I love it :D

Not that many will be reading this, but just wanted to let people know!

A recording of it will be up eventually. No promises.