His voice. Damn.

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Soon soon, I hope.
Not this high-tech, though. I’m poor.

Soon soon, I hope.

Not this high-tech, though. I’m poor.

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Two Things

1) Seriously considering getting a second tattoo…relatively soon

2) Most likely going to record an EP over Christmas break. 

Both seem quite frightening, but I’m very very excited :)

Life Soundtrack

I feel as though life would be awesome with a soundtrack/sound effects. 

Think of all the trouble you wouldn’t get in. You hear deep, ominous, orchestrated music, you know to get the hell out because some crap is about to go down. 

Just a thought. 

Patty Griffin – Rain (8 plays)

Patty Griffin is the voice of my life. Her lyrics are amazing and her voice is beautiful. This song is all I need in life. I could listen to this over and over, and it would still make me cry every time. It’s so true to my life and I just wish I could thank her for writing what I could not.


Finished a new song today. I’m actually proud of it, and that’s saying something. Normally, I don’t like my songs, but I really like this one. It’s very honest and I love it :D

Not that many will be reading this, but just wanted to let people know!

A recording of it will be up eventually. No promises.